The art of associating


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As a scholar, one can easily end up wondering ”why am I learning this?” or sighing ”I will never use it for anything”. Does that sound familiar? I lost count of how many times I have studied for nothing but the sake of passing my exams. Without bothering to collect knowledge for future usage.

Therefore, I felt high when realising that this entire semester actually makes sense. Here is why:
•    I can draw parallels between the courses.
•    The knowledge comes in handy in my everyday life and also for my future work life.
•    It is even enjoyable and interesting.
I find myself acquiring knowledge that I consider nearly obligatory for my final degree back in Sweden. Yet, my class’ modules are different. So close for myself to not obtain any of this, I can feel nothing but relief. For choosing the ERASMUS-year, for choosing these modules.

Media and journalism are the two areas in which I focus, subjects that come with a lot of writing.
I sit with this blog and words like ”user created content” and ”produce + user=produser” appear in my mind from the module about social medias – making me aware of this very blog being a part of contemporary ”participatory culture”.
And I sit with the blog for that other module, feeling like copyright, file sharing and piracy is more spot on than ever. ”Intellectual property” means just as much to writers in new media as it does to game developers. ”Verifying media” is very important when users generate content online, but also when writing features. Yes, the range of my modules is somewhat broad.

To sum this up – my theory is that the more I learn at the University, the more the subjects seem to correlate. Now, isn’t this every teacher’s dream?


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