Writing for New Media

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As this six-week assignment is coming to an end and we are about to focus on creating websites, I found it most accurate to summarize what I learned this week about content for such a platform.


The content must be relevant; not out-of-date. When writing content, be concise. Try to narrow it down to the smallest amount of necessary words as possible. This will be easier if you as a writer know what purpose you have and you aim to make that clear.

Your content should match the design, so choose it well. Why? It increases your credibility. What else is good for credibility? Use graphics, links to other credible sources (which also shows how well-read you are) and write well. A great program for checking grammars is http://www.grammarly.com. Paste a text and they check it for you!

Think about the fact that this is new media, not printed. People want scanable material. There are several tricks for that:

  • Lists.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • More graphics.
  • 50 % shorter texts, and again, not more words that you have to.
Picture source here

Concerning the language, it is always best to go for familiar words and terminology. You should aim to speak directly to the reader and use a steady style. Keep it simple in all ways.

Doesn’t this make sense? Next time you read an article online, think about its format and the content – does it align with all above?

This module has allowed me to practice it all. Now, I not only feel more confident writing and expressing myself in English AND for “new media”, but also well equipped for the making of an excellent website.


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